Response when you need it.

We are a privately owned Canadian company, serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

About Us

Hero Response has had several face-lifts as a business. In 2008, we began as Hero Plumbing Solutions, as we are master plumbers. Our focus was on providing emergency plumbing and drain services to our clients all over the Greater Toronto Area. We found ourselves doing more larger and extensive projects and not many service calls, so we moved on to Hero Waterproofing and Drains. As we continued to service our clients we came across homeowners that would experience a foundation leak, a backed-up sewer or burst water line that would end up causing significant damage to their property. We were called in to repair the original cause of the issue and saw restoration contractors handle the clean-up and repairs of the aftermath.

What we learned was that restoration contractors were not interested in why a loss occurred. Clients were directed on their own to call a plumber/waterproofing specialists when they hired the restoration company. That was where we found an opportunity to provide better service to the customers. 

Since then, Hero Response learned the correct processes and skills to correctly clean and mitigate losses when disasters occurred to a homeowner's property. We became really good at it. Our work has garnered the attention of several of the top insurance companies and Insurance Brokers who relied on us to assist their clients when they needed help.

What sets us apart from our colleagues in the industry is that we will immediately look after the repairs for the client. Homeowners do not want to have multiple companies in their home responsible for different tasks. We became that one company that handled it all. We are trusted as a company with the skills and qualification to eliminate mould, prevent leaks in the basement, repair plumbing and drain issues. A contractor who will also share their vision of rebuilding their home after repairing the damages done or be inspired to make their home better than it was. We work with our clients from start to finish on every project. We have built a tremendous relationship with our insurance partners and will be able to effectively handle your insurance claim from start to finish. We are qualified and exceptionally skilled in handle all your restoration needs.

"Hero Response was created to provide homeowners with the opportunity to work with one company that offered all of the essential components to help you rebuild your living space after you experience damage to your property." 
Frano Sain, CEO of Hero Response

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