If sudden water damage has struck your home, or if a leak can no longer be ignored, calling a company to provide you with water damage service is the easiest way to handle a problem that can very quickly become difficult to manage.

Flooding is the most costly cause of damage in Canada, so you should be sure that the water damage service you hire to complete your repairs is competent and right for your needs.

Certain companies like to focus on helping you with one issue, like draining water but not drying the environment. Hero Response knows the importance of cutting down the time you spend finding the right people to help you.

Instead, we provide all the services necessary to provide quality, comprehensive water damage service to you.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together a guide for you to know exactly what you should be looking for in a provider for your water damage service.

Why water damage shouldn’t be ignored

When your home experiences water damage, it is always a trying time. You’ll need to make sure your valuables are on higher ground and that you and your family are safe.

This doesn’t even begin to touch upon the cleanup and calls that will soon follow.

Though it can be tempting to think that it’ll dry out on its own, water pooled in your home should be removed as fast as possible.

Even then, it’s important to remember that organic materials touched by water may still need restoration to avoid problems with rot and mould.

Although mould may not always be visible, as it can be hidden behind walls or underneath carpet. After an area has seemingly dried out, keep in mind that long-term inhalation of molud and other toxic microbes are detrimental to your health.

What to expect from a water damage service company

After making the decision to call in professional help, you should know what to look for and what to expect in order to pick the best company for your needs.

Water damage service companies should be able to provide you with a detailed list of the damage to your property, complete with estimates, and an explanation of what services you will need to complete the restoration.

By the end of your restoration, you should expect that your property will be free of future problems relating to the original flood, such as a mould bloom occurring a few weeks later. Instead, you should be able to relax knowing you have been taken care of.

What to look for in a company that provides water damage services

Many companies that provide water damage service tend to only provide a limited number of repairs. This often leaves homeowners with the headache of finding a secondary company to work with (alongside the original one they hired).

To avoid these complications, we’ve come up with a guide to helping you find a water damage service company that will be there with you every step of the way.

Do they have the necessary certifications?

Just like you’d be wary of working with a doctor who is unable to talk about the school she graduated from, or to show you her license, you should be wary of working with a company who is unable to show you their certifications in the fields you need assistance in.

Knowing that a company is certified in carpet restoration and mould removal can be key in the process of selecting a company to restore your home after water damage.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration is the most common giver of professional certificates which can assure to you that the company you are working with really knows what they are doing.

Do they offer a variety of diverse services?

The process of restoration that happens after fire damage, which is usually paired with water damage, is different than the cleanup process after a sewer flood. Does your company have what it takes to tackle any and all issues that pop up?

Hero Response understands that a home disaster, like a flood or fire, creates a feeling of helplessness in many homeowners. Instead of making that process more difficult, we have taken the time to becomeskilled and efficient service providers in dealing with your insurance claims, eliminating mould, leak prevention, and space restoration.

Do they provide 24-hour assistance?

As we all know, there is no perfect time for just another anything in life. When it comes to flooding and other home damaging events, there is no way to predict what time an emergency will occur.

This is why finding a water damage service company that is available to assist you regardless of the time of way is extremely important.

In the case of home flooding, the longer water is allowed to stay on your floors and walls, the more damage occurs both immediately and in the long run.

By being available around the clock, a company is demonstrating an understanding that aiding a customer in their time of need is key to saving their home from further damage.

Are the members of their team skilled?

Aristotle once said: “The whole is the sum of its parts.”

This saying holds true in the water damage repair industry as well. Though a company may have great reviews and certifications, you should be able to verify that the people working directly in your home come with a strong skillset.

Checking out this information may be an extra step, but these are the questions that can help you determine if it is a team worth working with.

Is there only one senior skilled member and ten apprentices? Perhaps look elsewhere to ensure that your home is taken care of as well and as efficiently as possible.

Regardless of when your home emergency occurs, Hero Response is here to support you with 24-hour service and a crew of skilled team members that want to ensure your home restoration lives up to your standards – contact us with any questions about your home or on how to select a team to work for you.